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Duck Dynasty Baptisms


Heroes: Herbert Lord

HERO: Herbert Lord
Years Fighting: (In Korea) 1910-1935 and 1948-1951
Hero ID: The Commissioner
Mission: Serve TSA as a pioneer Officer in Korea, Never Abandon your Post
Strength: Advocacy, Courage in the face of death, Sacrifice
Commissioner Lord is probably the least known of all our heroes we’ve profiled. If you Google his name, you’ll find very little information, if [...]

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Yth Director – Kingston ON

Job Location: Kingston, ON
Kingston is calling you!
This 125,000 pop. community needs you to come and work alongside The Salvation Army to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of it’s children and youth. Check out the city website and Kingston Citadel’s website for more info on the community and ministry.
NOTE – Here’s 16 questions you [...]

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