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Regeneration 2013

[ May 31, 2013 to June 2, 2013. ] Are you a paid or volunteer children or youth workers?
If so, come join your tribe for a weekend where you can be celebrated, encouraged, blessed and tend to your own soul. Marv is sure to make you laugh, remind you of your value and worth and inspire you to continue blessing young people on a [...]

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Give Us Input & Win!

Take 5 min to give us your input and you could win a free SendTheFire hoodie!
We’ll draw the winner randomly from collected responses and notify you via email/txt (that you gave us in the survey).
Follow the link below to blast through the q’s on your phone, tablet or computer.
Survey Link HERE
Thanks a million!

Sexual Images Disaster Recovery

Do you remember Amanda Todd’s story from BC? How about Rehtaeh Parsons story from NS? Both girls had sexual images get shared around the internet and social media. The mocking, embarrassment and despair that resulted from this was so overwhelming that they both ended up taking their own lives.
Sexual images being sent around social media, [...]

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Jesus Unmasked – the King

JESUS UNMASKED: Man | God | Prophet | Priest
We continue on in our series about unmasking Jesus and helping you to understand Jesus’ full identity. As we’ve previously explained, he was fully God and fully man as well as he performed the role of prophet. If you missed those conversations, check the links directly [...]


Beauty Sketches

The War College

And Jesus said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you become fishers of men.” And they immediately left the nets and followed Him. ~ Mark 1:17-18
In the same way that Christ called out for the men to follow him and become his disciples, Christ has called many to The War College in the [...]

2 Youth Job Opptys at Head Office

LIT Program Writer
Job Location: Toronto, ON
Come join the Children and Youth department at Headquarters!
If you love camp, have worked at camp (particularly as L.I.T Co-ordinator) and love young people then you’re sure to love what you get to do in this job. You’ll be shaping the L.I.T programs for ALL divisions across Canada so there [...]

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State of the Bible 2013

Did you watch The Bible series on the History Channel leading up to Easter this year? If you did, you’re not alone. The Barna Group did some research to see what Americans think of the bible and they discovered some interesting things.

Wow, nine out of ten Americans own [...]


R.A.W. 2013 Happenings

This year, 614 Vancouver and The War College had the opportunity to partner with St. James Anglican church, the oldest church in Vancouver, BC situated in the heart of the Downtown Eastside, to host RAW 2013: Kingdom of God. RAW is a conference put on by The War College during spring break for Salvation Army [...]

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