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Child & Yth Drctr – Triton NL

Job Location: Triton, NL
This small Newfoundland community is looking for who’s next to carry on the great work with Children and Youth that Heidi Adams has been doing. Is that you? Track Heidi down on facebook if you want to chat with her about the position.
NOTE – Here’s 16 questions you can ask the hiring [...]

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Attend The War College Sept 2013

Invest in your spiritual journey by joining with this community of people living amongst the poor and marginalized in the downtown Eastside of Vancouver, BC Canada.
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Youth Together 2013 – Great Lakes

[ May 24, 2013 to May 26, 2013. ]
Last year we talked about the fact that if we have faith, it should be visible by how we live our lives and do deeds/take action to be a blessing to others.

This year we’ll continue on in that theme to explore the God of Justice and his call for us to be his justice people [...]

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Jesus Unmasked – the Priest

JESUS UNMASKED: Man | God | Prophet
We continue on in our series about unmasking Jesus and helping you to understand Jesus’ full identity. As we’ve previously explained, he was fully God and fully man as well as he performed the role of prophet. If you missed those conversations, check the links directly above. As [...]


World’s Largest Drum Kit