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Pink Shirt Day 2013

[ February 27, 2013; ]

Being bullied makes the children and teens years so much harder than it already is. If you’ve ever been picked on, teased or bullied in some other fashion you know exactly what we’re talking about.

Let’s take a stand together this February and say ‘Stop!’

DATE: February 27, 2013
LOCATION: Everywhere across Canada
COST: zip
OPEN TO: everybody who’s been [...]


Jesus Unmasked – the Prophet

‘Who is Jesus?’ is a pretty big question. Depending on which of your friends you ask you might get a bunch of different answers ranging from just a human, God, prophet, God-man, looney tunes, alien, never existed and teacher to name a few. They can’t all be right either because he’s either a real person [...]


World’s Largest Snowball Fight

Download – Maritimes Youth Retreat

[ March 8, 2013 to March 10, 2013. ] It seems like we’re constantly wired, plugged in, having screen time and listening to/watching/processing ads and messages all day long. How are you processing that info about who you are and how to live your life? What filters are you using if any? Do you even know that you’re doing it? This weekend we’ll explore [...]

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Ready and Willing 2013

[ March 17, 2013 to March 20, 2013. ]
The War College has hosted Ready and Willing (RAW) for the past eight years and we are inviting you once again to join us in a time of mission training, biblical teaching, worship and 24-7 prayer. Come to RAW with an open mind and a willing heart and leave formed into the likeness of [...]

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Not My Life – Trailer

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Justice Job & Intern Oppty’s

R-U a freedom fighter? Do you have a heart to stand up for the oppressed, poor and exploited? Are you particularly passionate about helping to stop Human Trafficking? If so, then there’s two SWEET opportunities for you to consider applying for.
IJM Canada is a human rights organization that secures justice for victims [...]

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The Killers – Here With Me

This song is the third single release off The Killers fourth studio album, Battle Born. The video, which was released in December 2012, was directed by Tim Burton and features Winona Ryder in the role of a mannequin who occasionally comes to life. In typical Burton form, the video is dark, artsy and surreal. Burton’s [...]

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Family & Yth Min Drctr – Moose Jaw

Job Location: Moose Jaw, SK
Come live on the Prairies!
Enjoy the wide open prairie skies and you join the team to give spiritual direction and leadership to youth and families throughout Moose Jaw. Think of all the fun youth events you can do in the prairies… like cow tipping for instance!
Seriously, this “Friendly City” of 35,000 [...]

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Toxic Charity

Charity has become an unquestionable good in our society, but I believe that there are many times when the good of charity should be questioned. I first began questioning how our helping could be hurting when I saw a video (like the one below) from Dr. Robert Lupton, a ministry coordinator in Atlanta. I eventually [...]

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