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Dubstep Christmas Lights

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Come Thou Long Expected Jesus

Merry Christmas From SendTheFire

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O Come All Ye Faithless

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Pray for Conneticut Shooting Victims

God, we pray that you would bring order to the chaos in Connecticut right now. Hold mourners, comfort those who grieve, give strength to those who fight to survive, guide the emergency personnel, doctors, nurses and surgeons.


Christmas Giveaway 2012

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The Simple Life

I don’t know about you but when I think of simplicity, two things come to mind right away.
Firstly, when we meet Jesus it becomes clear that we are called to live a different life – a life of holiness and righteousness, which produces the good fruits of the Spirit (see Galatians 5:22-23).
This life is [...]

Rethinking Christmas

If you walked up to a random person on the street and started a conversation about Christmas, you would almost certainly spend your time talking about gifts, food, Santa, music, etc. If you had a conversation with someone you knew was a Christian about Christmas, if you were like me you would probably talk about [...]


Two & A Half Men Star Speaks Out

Have you heard of this recent Hollywood controversy that hit the news last week?
19 year old Angus T. Jones who has played the role of Jake Harper on Two and a Half Men since 2003, is featured in a new video for Forerunner Christian Church and he urges fans to stop watching the show and [...]

Beatbox Bible