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Million Dollar Challenge

Question for ya… ‘What would you do with a million dollars?’

SendTheFire’s facebook page –
Pretend we actually have a million dollars up for grabs (who knows… maybe $ will fall from the sky or God will provide us with some to enable your dreams and visions to become reality!?)

7 Must Have Back-2-School Apps

Wow… where did summer go?:( By now you’re back into the thick of things at school – up to your eyeballs in homework, trying to get to know that new person, exchanging new cell#’s, complaining about teacher so-and-so…! Here’s a list of a couple of apps that we think you should totally check out and [...]


Show Me Your Battery(ies)


How common is sexting in your school?
Has anyone ever asked you for ‘exclusive pics?’ How did you respond & why?
What would you say to someone who is considering sending naked pics to their bf or gf?
What would you say to someone you knew who was asking their gf or bf for naked pics?

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Submit… or Else

Submission is one of those things we think we like, because we generally see it as others submitting to us and our will. However, as soon as we venture a little deeper into what submission actually means in our own individual lives, we soon realize that submission sucks. For example, let us be honest for [...]

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BC North Yth Retreat 2012

[ October 26, 2012 to October 28, 2012. ]
Get ready to gather the younger generation together as the Justice League for fun, conversation, training, singing and prayer. Weekend events include ‘Amazing Race’ and a costume supper (so make sure to bring your superhero costume).

DATE: October 26-28, 2012
LOCATION: Camp Mountainview
COST: $70
OPEN TO: 13-30 yr olds
DEADLINE: October 22, 2012

Application here
Poster here
(To Download: right [...]

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Offering – BC Yth Retreat 2012

[ October 19, 2012 to October 21, 2012. ]
The West Coast tribe is gathering for an incredible retreat weekend on the Sunshine coast. Come join the fun, music and conversation. Hey, you get to hang out with Jonathan Evans… that’s worth the price of admission right there:)

DATE: October 19-21, 2012
LOCATION: Camp Sunrise
COST: $117
OPEN TO: grade 8-12
MORE INFO: Glynden

Application here
Poster here
(To Download: right click [...]

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Rebelution – Maritimes Yth Rtrt 2012

Plan to be a part of this gathering of the Maritimes tribe as they come together to discuss the term rebel and encourage a ‘rebelution’!
DATE: October 12-14, 2012
LOCATION: Scotian Glen Camp
COST: $90
OPEN TO: 12-30 yr olds
DEADLINE: October 3, 2012
(To Download: right click & select ‘save as’ or ‘save link as’)

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Heroes: 1800’s Abolitionist Trio

HERO: Bramwell Booth, W.T. Stead, & Rebecca Jarrett
Years Fighting: Varies
Hero ID: The Maiden Tribute Squad
Mission: Expose Injustice, Raise Awareness, Change Laws
Strength: Courageous, Self-Sacrificing, Champions
19th century London, England was no place for a picnic. Sure some people had picnics, but the reason The Salvation Army grew so rapidly in its inception was [...]

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Pixar Parody

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Converge 2012 – ON Yth Retreat

[ October 12, 2012 to October 14, 2012. ]
It’s that time of the year again for the youth tribe to CONVERGE on Jackson’s for an amazing weekend of fun & formation. Save $ and get your application in pronto!

DATE: October 12-14,2012
LOCATION: Jackson’s Point Camp
COST: $99 before Sept 21 or $125 after
OPEN TO: grade 9+
MORE INFO: karen
DEADLINE: October 5, 2012

Promo Poster
(To Download: right click [...]

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