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High Octane – AB YT 2012

[ October 12, 2012 to October 14, 2012. ]
Plan to participate with the Alberta youth tribe as they gather for this sweet “High Octane” weekend of fun, music and spiritual conversation, exploration and transformation!

Go… you’ll love it.
Miss it… you’ll cry :(

DATE: October 12-14, 2012
LOCATION: Pine Lake Camp
COST: $125
OPEN TO: 13-21 yrs old

Get Application here
(To Download: right click & select ‘save as’ [...]

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Measure – J.B. Parody

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Canadian Yth Worker Conf 2012

[ November 29, 2012 to December 2, 2012. ]
When Jesus spoke his followers were filled with wonder and amazement. It’s his voice that calls us into youth ministry—to help teenagers follow in the way of Jesus. To live this way is to live in wonder.

Come join youth workers, from across the country, at the Canadian Youth Workers Convention to dream, wonder, and sit [...]

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We Are Young – Cover

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Traffic Jam – Twenty Twelve

[ September 28, 2012 to September 30, 2012. ]
Join us for a weekend of focus (awareness raising, conversation, prayer and fasting) on the issue of sex trafficking.
T hink before you buy
R each out to youth
A dvocate for justice
F orm relationships with the vulnerable
F ight injustice
I magine a world without trafficking
C hampion prevention
K eep praying

DATE: September 28-30, 2012
LOCATION: around the world
COST: nuthin’ but time [...]

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Did Jesus Resurrect? Who Saw?

We’re asking more burning questions about the God-man Jesus Christ. Did Jesus come back from the dead? Not zombie-like cuz’ that’d be all fashionable and cool in today’s scene but real deal alive! Walking not shuffling, talking not groaning and mumbling, giving life and hope not taking it and spreading fear. If so, who [...]

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Youth Pastor – Mississauga, ON

Job Location: Mississauga, ON
Urban youth ministry is calling you from this large Southern Ontario city in Greater Toronto Area. Join the local church team and also be a part of a great regional youth network with Steve and Erika White leading the helm.
NOTE – Here’s 16 questions you can ask the hiring team during your [...]

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Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice Cover

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Yth Outreach Wrkr – Yarmouth, NS

Job Location: Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
Come do Kingdom work with The Salvation Army in the Southwest shores of Nova Scotia amongst friendly Maritimers in this small community of approx. 7,000 people. Check out the town website here.
NOTE – Here’s 16 questions you can ask the hiring team during your interview to help determine if [...]

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Child/Yth Director – Calgary, AB

Job Location: Calgary, Alberta
Yeeehaawwww! Move to this happening urban centre in the wild west and help these young cowpokes discover and follow the ways of their creator. Also, if you’ve always wanted to go to the Stampede but haven’t had the time or $, think about it, now you could go and it can be [...]

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