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Start a Rockband™ – Change the World!

As I gaze through the crowd of mostly teens and young adults my eyes lock on the band that’s rockin’ out! One of them has a pink feather boa wrapped around his neck, large white sunglasses and a pink fedora style cap. His other band mate looks like a cross between Slash and Axl Rose [...]

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Human Trafficking

Every year more than 2.5 million people are trafficked around the world for sexual purposes or cheap labour. It’s estimated that there are currently 27 million slaves today – that’s more than the height of the African slave trade. Who is it that’s being enslaved? Approximately 50% of these victims are women and [...]

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Soul Cry – Prayer For Our Younger Generation

A stirring has been taking place in our souls for what seems like an eternity.
For young people, they are stirred with questions like do I have any value or worth, what are the values I live by, what do I care about and why do I care, how can I live a life of significance, [...]

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