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Stations of the Cross Reflections

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Jesus - Stations of Cross

What was that journey like for you?

Share your insights and reflections using the comment form below.

Here’s some questions that might help get you going.

- What kinds of emotions or feelings were stirred up for you during this journey?
- Which stations really impacted you? How did it impact you? Why?
- Did any station really connect with you and draw you in? Why?
- Did any station not sit well with you? Why?
- In what ways does Jesus’ journey relate to our lives today? How is it relevant?
- What does it look like for you to pick up your cross and follow Jesus?
- How do you respond to trials and accusations in your life?
- Are you one to sacrifice for others? Why or why not? What do you sacrifice?

Bitter Journey – multimedia version
Johnny Cash Stations of Cross

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